The 100 Soonicorns program is a unique peer driven coaching and leadership program by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs to help unlock and unleash the Unicorns of tomorrow.

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Organisers of 100 Soonicorns

The 100 Soonicorns program is brought to you by the following partners

ScaleUp Malaysia

an accelerator that invests in pre-Series A tech based Startups

Proficeo Consultants

the designers of the famous Coach & Grow Program under Cradle Fund as well as numerous other entrepreneur development programs for Agencies like MDEC, MRANTI and many more

Penjana Kapital

the government venture capital fund-of-funds agency that has funded 8 VC and venture debt funds in Malaysia

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

the agency that has been entrusted with developing the digital economy in Malaysia

The primary goal of the program is to bring together the TOP 100 tech companies in Malaysia to work together, support each other and to help each other build successful companies and ultimately unicorns.

Coined from the phrase “soon-to-be unicorns”, Soonicorns are startups with the potential to become unicorns. Soonicorns are typically technology-based startups that display exponential scaling prospects and have received venture capital or private equity (PE) funding or have raised funds via equity crowdfunding (ECF).

This program was conceived because of a gap in the ecosystem for support and capability development programs for late stage technology companies, especially pre-Unicorns. While there are multiple programs for early stage companies, there is less focus on Soonicorns.

There aren’t any programs that incorporate a more “peer driven” coaching and mentorship program where successful founders work together and support each other to help build more successful companies.

There is nothing to drive and inspire founders to build better companies and to help them build unicorns. This program strives to achieve this goal - to help create more unicorns in the country.

There are 7 elements to the Program:

This is a very comprehensive program that will:
  • Help founders to learn from each other, share experiences and best practices, learn from the mistakes of others so that you don’t repeat them and support each other so that everyone succeeds.
  • Provide Founders the opportunity to learn new things and help them understand how new developments and technologies can help them build better companies and products whether it is about blockchain or artificial intelligence or the metaverse, all possible subjects that participants can learn about in the program.
  • The Peer Coaching program gives Founders the opportunity to form smaller “cell groups” with other CEOs who will work closely together, advising each other, helping solve each other’s problems and to build close relationships that may last a lifetime. It is almost like having 3 other CEOs as an Advisory Board to advise you.
  • Also provide for deeper engagements with investors and help you build better relationships with leading investors, not just from Penjana but also from abroad.

To participate, invited startups need to have raised at least US$1 million from a Venture Capital, Private Equity, ECF or institutional investor; or have generated at least US$2 million in revenue over the last 12 months. As this is a Penjana Kapital program, Startups that have received funding from any of the 8 Penjana funds automatically qualify.

This program is also ONLY for CEOs and Founders of the Startups. It is NOT for members of the management team unless they are either the CEO or COO. Only 1 person from each company needs to participate in the program.

It is a 12-months program with monthly meetings and additional sessions from coaching to learning programs to sharing by experts and investors.

We have however designed the program to ensure minimal time commitments for participants.

We understand CEOs are busy people. However, learning never stops. Even the best CEOs have to continue learning, not just about subjects that may interest them but also from other successful CEOs.

While you DO need to commit to one full day a month for group discussion and sharing sessions as well as 1-2 hours per month for the CEO Peer Coaching sessions both of which are the core of the program, other programs don’t require as much time and some are also optional. The table below gives you an idea of your time commitments on a monthly to yearly basis.

The cost per participant is RM1,300 per month or RM15,600 per year.

However, thanks to the generosity of MDEC, they will sponsor part of the fees amounting to RM500 per month, equivalent to RM6,000 per year.

Participants only have to pay RM800 per month / RM9,600 per year.
You have 2 payment options:
  1. Pay in full when you sign up for the program at RM9,000 with a RM600 discount or
  2. Pay in 2 installments of RM4,800. The first installment is payable when you sign up and the second is payable on month 5 of the program

(Applicable service tax may apply)

We have 3 major goals that we want to achieve:

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